Sometimes people have some difficulty in ordering our acoustic cloth by the metre. Here’s a concise tutorial that helps you through the ordering process. It applies to all types of acoustically transparent fabrics from

1. Enter amount
simply indicate full metres of speaker fabricOnce you’ve decided which speaker cloth to take (Speaker Cloth off the Roll, Acoustic Cloth 2.0, PA-Type Speaker Cloth, or Metal Line Speaker Cloth), simply enter the full metres you require in the box we’ve highlighted with a red circle in the screenshot. Please make sure to enter integral numbers only, as all fabrics are only sold by the full metre.

2. Choose Colour

choose colour of speaker fabricIndicate the colour you desire by clicking the appropriate radio button next to the colour image (see red circles in the screenshot).  Then click “Add to shopping cart”. All possible discounts will be calculated automatically and are indicated in the shopping cart overview (see step 3).



3. Check Details

easy shopping cart overview on akustikstoff.comOnce you’ve clicked the “Add to shopping cart” button, you’ll be directed to the shopping cart overview: Amount in metres (red circle), single (discounted) price (blue circle), and total discounted price (green circle). Please cross-check all details before checking out.

4. More Cuts, More Colours, Other Stuff?
No big thing! Simply perform steps 1. to 3. for each piece of fabric and each colour you require. The shopping cart will always provide you with the full overview.

5. Make sure to Optimally Benefit from Tiered Pricing
Keep in mind that our tiered pricing is cumulative. Discounts always apply to the total quantity ordered. If you order five metres of speaker fabric in one colour and another six metres in a different colour and/or different quality with a single order, the price tier for 10m-15m will be applied.