Les dernières nouvelles sur notre tissu acoustique - et sur nous

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Spring has sprung at akustikstoff.com

With the first beams of sun we all feel better and feel the need to redecorate. Why not try our acoustic cloth in its spring colors: mint turquoise, pastel turquoise, ochre or orange. New look – better feeling.

For our assortment of all colors and for more information log on to akustikstoff.com! We also offer cloth that is flame-retardent.

Feel free to contact us for further information!



Availability of acoustic cloth ensured – even during short break

After a short summer break of our dying works and myself everything is back in full swing. Even during the break the “stand-by” business ran smoothly and efficiently.

Of course, high availability of our acoustic cloth is ensured after the break and even large orders can and could be delivered right away.

Visit our online acoustic cloth shop and take a closer look at the variety of colors and measurements we offer!



English hotline @ akustikstoff.com

Dear English-speaking friends of our acoustic cloth online-shop,

As the English voice of our shop I’m pleased to inform you, that we have an English hotline now. At the moment, I will be available on Tuesday and Friday mornings between 9 and 12 am. We are trying to extend the hotline hours in the long run to be more customer-friendly. I can be reached at +49(6209)713893.

Since I’m rather new in the field of acoustic cloth, I sure hope that I’ll be able to answer all of your questions.

We’d appreciate all of your comments, ideas and suggestions for improvement!

Hope to hear from you,