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Spray Adhesive as a Problem Solver

Many hifi enthusiasts have developed a great passion for the DIY refurbishment of vintage speaker cabinets. An update of the speaker grille with new Acoustic Cloth is one of the key elements in most of these projects, but it’s not always the easiest task. 

The JBL* LX55, for instance, a popular speaker among experts that is sold at increasingly high prices today, has a plastic frame with a relatively small edge to which the original speaker cloth is attached to. Moreover, the slot between the frame and the cabinet is extremely narrow. This construction makes it impossible to staple the speaker fabric to the frame (the method of choice with wooden frames) or to use of hook fastener tape instead. 

This is where our special spray adhesive comes into play. The adjustable nozzle of the container ensures convenient and economical application of the adhesive without any scattered spray mist and the high immediate adhesion of the adhesive provides for the easy and precise mounting of our sound-transparent fabric on such frames. It’s the perfect solution whenever you want to make speakers with plastic frames look like new.


»Your adhesive is really good for mounting fabrics. Very easy to use, no spill, and good adhesion. I used it for my JBL LX55 speakers with your grey cloth (colour code 14). I also refurbished a pair of Bose* 601 series 1 speakers with your beige fabric this year and I am perfectly happy with the result«, wrote Emmanuel D. from Digoin in France as he proudly sent us some photos of his speaker refurbishment projects. 

JBL-LX-55-and-Bose-601-refurbished -with-Akustikstoff-speaker-fabric

*All brand names are registered trademarks of their respective owners and are not in any way associated with Akustikstoff.com. 

New: Transparent Spray Adhesive for Acoustic Cloth

Transparenter Sprühkleber - transparent spray adhesiveSpray adhesive is very popular with many of our customers, especially with the professionals, because it offers a quick and convenient method of fastening our speaker cloth.  Have a look at our our video tutorial on Youtube to see how it’s done.

Most adhesives are somewhat yellowish due to their composition, which sets certain limits to the bonding of speaker fabric on the visible sides of workpieces. Our new high-quality spray adhesive is completely transparent and provides excellent adhesion. It is virtually invisible, which is great when it comes to fastening speaker cloth directly on sound-absorbing styrofoam, such as Basotect, for instance.

The spray glue is now available in our online shop.