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»Acoustic Cloth by the Box, Please« can ship even large quantities of acoustic fabric on the day of order.Many customers are pleasantly amazed by the fact that we can deliver even large quantities of our acoustically transparent fabrics without delay.

The simple reason for the prompt delivery of our speaker cloth is that we have created sufficient on-site storage capacities.

Of course, we don’t want to keep our customers waiting for their acoustic fabrics. So we do everything we can to despatch even bulk orders of any type and colour on the day of order.

Groomed Again: Lucas PA System Refurbished With PA-Type Acoustic Cloth

First introduced in 1998, HK Audio’s compact and lightweight, yet powerful Lucas system soon became the standard compact PA system for smaller venues. This rugged system still does its job nicely after nearly 20 years.

old-lucas-pa-systemUnfortunately, the foam plastic has started to dissolve and to turn into crumbs on many older Lucas systems.

As you can see on our photo, removing the front grille may reveal everything but a nice view. In this case, the foam plastic crumbs already made their way into the tweeter, so they needed to be removed with a vacuum cleaner.


lucas-pa-system-with-pa-type-akustikstoffAll in all it took less than two hours to make the entire system shine—and sound—in new splendour with our new PA-Type Acoustic Cloth and a few metres of our hook fastener tape.

Now the band that owns the compact PA can start into the new year with a perfectly looking and sounding system. Even better: the Black/Lime Green colour of the acoustic speaker cloth perfectly suits the band’s corporate colour.

We’re Proudly Presenting Our New PA-Type Acoustic Cloth

PA-Akustikstoff-MusterProduct development and engineering took their time, but it was worth every effort: Today we have launched our new product line – PA-Type Acoustic Cloth. The guiding principle in the development process was to consistently meet the high demands of live sound speakers and instrument amps in terms of ruggedness and robustness without compromising the unparalleled acoustic transparency that has gained our acoustic cloth an outstanding reputation with many high-end hifi manufacturers.

Ideally Suited for All Live Sound Applications
PA-Type Acoustic Cloth boasts the same great acoustic properties all our types of speaker cloth are renowned for. This means that our new PA-Type Acoustic cloth puts an end to any loss in the transmission of high and mid frequencies caused by acoustically questionable foam plastic speaker front covers (which, on top of that, usually tend to crumble once the plasticisers have dissolved). It also says good bye to those unsightly metal grids that may be practical but easily turn a speaker array into an eyesore. And who actually said that PA systems always need to come in that dreary uniform black? From now own, there’s a choice of 13 great-looking colours for all PA-speakers, sidefills, and monitors – from modest vintage hues all the way to shiny colours that make possible a deliberate stage design with accent colours.

PA-Akustikstoff-on-LucasPA-Type Acoustic Cloth is the perfect choice for new speakers as well as for the refurbishment of speaker fronts that have become a bit long in the dent.  A first example ist this pair of sattelite speakers from a Lucas compact PA system. We used a metal brush to remove the scruffy foam plastic  from the metal grid below, then we re-covered the grid with PA-Type acoustic cloth. The whole process took less than thirty minutes. We will blog a photo documentary of all work steps shorty – stay tuned!

Better Look and Better Sound for Many Instrument Amps
How come that virtually all combo amps, amp heads, and speaker cabinets whose name doesn’t start with an F or a V come with a completely uninspired black front? And who claims that all those noble boutique amps require a speaker cloth whose look and muffled sound instantly reminds you of granny’s old steam radio? Why not introduce a splash of colour and make things a little more individual? On top of that, the excellent acoustic transparency of PA-Type Acoustic Cloth makes most combos and speaker cabinets sound more authentic. The complex sound of vintage speakers, for instance, won’t be deprived of its sweet highs and mids; everything sounds more open and transparent. We will put a couple of examples online within the next couple of weeks.

PA-Type Acoustic Cloth is now available off the roll in our online shop. You can also order a sample swatch with all available colours free of shipping costs.

Acoustic Cloth Sample Swatches in High Demand

packaging acoustic speaker cloth sample swatches

Rüdiger has been busy preparing new sample swatches of our acoustic cloth. They have been in high demand over the last couple of days, which is no wonder:  In autumn and winter, there usually is more time to be dedicated to the nice things in the living room – things that might have been somewhat neglected during the summer months.

Whether you’re planning to refurbish some loudspeakers with our speaker grille cloth or to design and build some custom audio furniture for your living room and your home cinema: Our acoustic cloth sample swatches are the most convenient and favourable way to choose the perfect colour and quality for your purpose. And as our shelves are perfectly topped up again, why not order them right now?