Akustikstoff in Perlviolett: Die Farbe des Jahres 2018 als Lautsprecherstoff - Acoustic Fabric in Lavender from Akustikstoff.com: The colour of the year 2018 available as speaker fabric

The “Color of the Year 2018″ is a dramatic violet that expresses originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking.

The blue-based “Pantone™ Ultra Violet” already played a predominant role on the major catwalks around the world during this season’s fall fashion shows. As in previous years, it will certainly not be long before the “color of the year” will be the prevailing design color in consumer electronics, shop and trade fair construction, and interior design.

Ready for next year’s colour hype with Acoustic Cloth in Lavender

Our colour  »Lavender« makes the colour trend of the coming year available in the field of ​​high-quality, acoustically transparent speaker fabrics. The colour, available  as standard Speaker Cloth (colour code 37) and as Acoustic Cloth 2.0 (colour code 137), sets awesome highlights wherever a trendy color is required in addition to excellent acoustic and technical properties. Lavender is even available as PA-Type Speaker Fabric (colour code 737). This extra-strong  fabric, reinforced with a unique top layer, has been specially designed for PA speakers, amps and combos.

Expert design tip: Lavender appears particularly lush and classy when combined with colours from our Metallic Line, especially with Gold, Rose Gold, Copper, and Brass, while it develops a pleasantly modest, natural elegance with dark natural shades such as Wine, Sandstone, Artichoke or Butterscotch. Best try it out yourself with our sample sets.