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Contact us in English!

Winter wonderland from's office windowLife feels good these days with such a gorgeous winter landscape view from our office window.

Even better: the telephone line has been fixed yesterday. Remember: Eerie Egon put us offline.  So it’s thanks and goodbye to iPhone hotspots and LTE speed, which kept our acoustic cloth business running for the last four days.

And as you’re reading this in English: Isn’t this the perfect opportunity to drive your attention to our international communication data for a minute?

Want to talk to us in English? Simply call us on +49 6209 713894.
Please allow the phone to ring a couple of times, as your call may be forwarded to a mobile – at no additional cost for you, of course.

Our email for international/English speaking customers is

And yes, we still have a fax machine running on +49 6209 712791

We’re looking forward to hearing from you 🙂

English hotline @

Dear English-speaking friends of our acoustic cloth online-shop,

As the English voice of our shop I’m pleased to inform you, that we have an English hotline now. At the moment, I will be available on Tuesday and Friday mornings between 9 and 12 am. We are trying to extend the hotline hours in the long run to be more customer-friendly. I can be reached at +49(6209)713893.

Since I’m rather new in the field of acoustic cloth, I sure hope that I’ll be able to answer all of your questions.

We’d appreciate all of your comments, ideas and suggestions for improvement!

Hope to hear from you,