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Individual Speaker Fabric Samples

You’re not one hundred percent sure which of our 42 standard colours best suits your project? You don’t trust the colour reproduction of your computer screen because you know about the pitfalls of colour reproduction within digital systems that are not consistently calibrated? Or you’d like to receive speaker fabric samples in order to get a hands-on impression of our various types of acoustic cloth before you place an order? 

It always makes sense to take a close look at the original product before making a purchase decision. But this doesn’t always require a complete sample set. That’s why we’ve decided to provide the opportunity to order individual samples directly in our online shop. 

Individual samples of speaker fabric
Choose up to 15 different speaker fabric samples

Select up to 15 different speaker cloth samples of your choice. Combine different fabrics, such as standard, 2.0 and FR, and different colours according to your particular requirements. This opportunity is the perfect basis for an informed decision. Click here to discover our new individual sample service.

Of course, you can still order our sample sets. They are unbeatable as a source of inspiration and remain the perfect reference for all resellers. 

Acoustic Cloth Sample Swatches in High Demand

packaging acoustic speaker cloth sample swatches

Rüdiger has been busy preparing new sample swatches of our acoustic cloth. They have been in high demand over the last couple of days, which is no wonder:  In autumn and winter, there usually is more time to be dedicated to the nice things in the living room – things that might have been somewhat neglected during the summer months.

Whether you’re planning to refurbish some loudspeakers with our speaker grille cloth or to design and build some custom audio furniture for your living room and your home cinema: Our acoustic cloth sample swatches are the most convenient and favourable way to choose the perfect colour and quality for your purpose. And as our shelves are perfectly topped up again, why not order them right now?