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Plain Elegance in the Wink of an Eye: AV-Furniture With Acoustic Fabric

AV board with speaker cloth from Akustikstoff.comKeeping receiver, BluRay player and other AV equipment hidden from the eye makes your AV setup look top stylish and much less cluttered. That’s exactly what our customer Marno Panis from Den Dungen in the Netherlands did with the help of a piece of our acoustic fabric in soft grey. “The result is beautiful”, he wrote happily.

A clear advantage of our acoustic cloth is its permeability to infrared light. It ensures that your remote control will work flawlessly even when all the equipment is hidden behind the handy speaker cloth, which also comes in convenient pre-cut pieces.

Of course you can also make a center speaker or a soundbar “disappear” to achieve a much more harmonious appearance of your AV furniture and equipment.

By the way: It only takes basic handicraft skills, some bits and pieces from the DIY shop, and our acoustic fabric to turn any run-of-the-mill shelf into a decent piece of AV furniture.

»Acoustic Cloth by the Box, Please« can ship even large quantities of acoustic fabric on the day of order.Many customers are pleasantly amazed by the fact that we can deliver even large quantities of our acoustically transparent fabrics without delay.

The simple reason for the prompt delivery of our speaker cloth is that we have created sufficient on-site storage capacities.

Of course, we don’t want to keep our customers waiting for their acoustic fabrics. So we do everything we can to despatch even bulk orders of any type and colour on the day of order.

Save Extra Now: Free Shipping on Orders Over €20!

A special goodie for all those who want to indulge in particularly appealing  acoustic cloth on their hifi and home theatre equipment once the tinsel is put on the tree: From now on, we offer EU-wide free shipping on all orders over €20. This applies to speaker cloth as well as to accessories, such as speaker cable and fastening material. All that counts is the total order value. That’s something that really makes bright and cheerful Christmas season, doesn’t it? 

Impressive ESS AMT1a Restoration Project

What an amazing restoration job: Thierry Martin from France spared no effort to restore two ESS AMT 1a  back to their former glory.  Take a few minutes to have a look at the extensive photo documentation Thierry put online. It’s well worth it.
We must admit that we are a little proud of having made a small contribution to this great restoration job, as Thierry chose our acoustic cloth to dress his two AMT 1a adequately.

Colors now numbered!

Last month we gave our differently colored acoustic cloths numbers. This has become necessary, since we added new colors to the shop and wanted to make things clearer for our customers. You will find the numbered colors everywhere – in our  online-shop, on our price lists, samples, pictures, invoices, delivery notes – you name it… Obviously, the numbering of our acoustic cloth colors  has been working, since our customers have accepted the new system.

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