Once in a while I’m asked by custumers how to fixate acoustic cloth. I’ve no idea why people keep asking the same question and there is no universal answer. In my FAQ section in the online shop, it seems, the answer for the fixation of acoustic cloth is only sketchy, thus, I will try to deepen this topic.

To create a clear overview, the different possibilities of fixation are divided into categories that I will describe one after the other. I will describe each category in an own section to describe the different possibilities of fixation in detail. All of the descriptions and tips are useful for the acoustic cloths available in my shop, and of course, I don’t claim them to be complete or impose a demand on rightness.

  1. glueing
  2. stapleing
  3. hot-melt adhesive
  4. fixation with velcro
  5. Covering (e. g. frames, doorboards, etc.)