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The Latest News on Acoustic Speaker Cloth – and Us

Akustikstoff.ch goes live

The new year begins with amazing news for private customers in Switzerland and Liechtenstein who could not be supplied by Akustikstoff.com until now: From now on, all our fabrics can be ordered directly online at the address www.akustikstoff.ch.

Behind Akustikstoff.ch is our long-time business partner Reto Campell in Kirchdorf. Reto has been in the audio business for almost 40 years and has earned an excellent reputation, especially in the field of car audio. It is not without reason that his company »Soundgarage« was responsible for the acoustic equipment of the »Clio Swiss Champion«, which was specially launched by Renault for Switzerland. Already in the 1990s, Soundgarage was the largest Swiss importer of products from the renowned manufacturers Becker and Car Audio Design. The company has long-standing close business relationships with industry leaders such as Cobra Automotive Technologies, is the Swiss distributor for Jehnert Sound Design products and has been selling cover fabrics for loudspeakers in the car audio segment for many years.

But even beyond car hi-fi, Soundgarage stands for a high degree of solution competence in the audio sector, almost unlimited possibilities and the ability to meet even extraordinary demands. It is therefore only logical that the company also offers customised further processing of the Akustikstoff brand speaker fabrics: In their fully equipped workshop, Reto and his team cover frames, absorbers or furniture fronts and also take care of, for example, the restoration of high-quality vintage speakers.

Foto von Reto Campell, Akustikstoff.ch powered by Soundgarage
Reto Campell of Akustikstoff.ch

Reto Campell’s focus has always been on quality: excellent materials, outstanding workmanship as well as dedicated advice – and all this at extraordinarily reasonable conditions. These are principles we share, and, in addition to the many years of trustful cooperation, they were essential for our decision to entrust Soundgarage with the distribution of our products in Switzerland.

Order speaker fabric now and save money!

Version française ci-dessous

End customers outside Germany will only benefit from the favourable German VAT until 30 June 2020. Best stock up on speaker cloth quickly!

On 1 July, a new EU-wide regulation on VAT on cross-border sales to end customers will come into force. As a result, we will no longer be able to supply our speaker fabric to private customers at the favourable German VAT rate of 19%. Instead, we’ll have to apply the VAT rate of the destination country and forward the tax to the destination countries through a so-called Import One-Stop-Shop (IOSS). Since the VAT rate s is higher in the vast majority of EU countries (the front-runner is Hungary with a whopping 27%), prices will inevitably change accordingly depending on the destination country.

Seize the opportunity and ordering some loudspeaker fabric from our online shop while there’s still only 19% VAT on your order.

Commandez rapidement du tissu acoustique et économisez !

Les clients finaux en dehors de l’Allemagne ne bénéficieront de la TVA allemande favorable que jusqu’au 30 juin 2020. Faites donc rapidement vos stocks de tissu acoustique !

Le 1er juillet, un nouveau règlement européen relatif à la TVA sur les ventes transfrontalières aux clients finaux entrera en vigueur. Par conséquent, nous ne pourrons plus fournir nos tissus pour haut-parleurs aux particuliers au taux de TVA allemand favorable de 19 %. Au lieu de cela, nous devrons appliquer le taux de TVA du pays de destination et transmettre la taxe aux pays de destination par le biais d’un «Import One-Stop-Shop» (IOSS). Étant donné que le taux de TVA s avère plus élevé dans la grande majorité des pays de l UE (en tête la Hongrie avec un taux énorme de 27 %), les prix changeront inévitablement en conséquence selon le pays de destination.

Saisissez l’occasion et commandez du tissu acostique dans notre boutique en ligne pendant qu’il n’y a encore que 19 % de TVA dans notre boutique en ligne.

Metallic-Line Speaker Cloth by Akustikstoff.com to Appear on British TV

Nothing is more pleasing than satisfied customers – and we’re especially pleased when we exceed our customers’ expectations. We did so again, this time with our Metallic-Line speaker fabric , which will now even appear on British television. A few days ago, we received a message from Paul Golledge, who lives with his partner Emma Newton-Gunn in the Château de Montvason, a lovely castle in Normandy. The couple is among the protagonists of the British Channel 4 series “Escape to the Chateau DIY“.

Paul Golledge and Emma Newton-Gunn, who are delighted with the compelling look of Akustikstoff.com’s Metallic Line speaker fabric. Photo © chateaudemontvason.com

Paul writes: »Hello, I ordered your copper acoustic cloth for a project I have.
We are once again filming for U.K. channel four ‘chateau diy’ and I have built a large pair of Art Deco speakers for my French Mouthful O’ Jam vintage 78 record DJ kit.
The old kit was filmed for a German Arte documentary called Shellack.
After having trouble with my staple gun I finally managed to fit the cloth and I’m incredibly pleased with the look. I chose copper because I thought it would look OK but to my surprise it is incredible and the deco speakers are superb. I will be ordering more as I need to build the Art Deco bass speaker units. I’m sure that on television it will look incredible.
What an amazing surprise. Well done and keep up the good work.
All the best,
Château de Montvason

Individual Speaker Fabric Samples

You’re not one hundred percent sure which of our 42 standard colours best suits your project? You don’t trust the colour reproduction of your computer screen because you know about the pitfalls of colour reproduction within digital systems that are not consistently calibrated? Or you’d like to receive speaker fabric samples in order to get a hands-on impression of our various types of acoustic cloth before you place an order? 

It always makes sense to take a close look at the original product before making a purchase decision. But this doesn’t always require a complete sample set. That’s why we’ve decided to provide the opportunity to order individual samples directly in our online shop. 

Individual samples of Akustikstoff.com speaker fabric
Choose up to 15 different speaker fabric samples

Select up to 15 different speaker cloth samples of your choice. Combine different fabrics, such as standard, 2.0 and FR, and different colours according to your particular requirements. This opportunity is the perfect basis for an informed decision. Click here to discover our new individual sample service.

Of course, you can still order our sample sets. They are unbeatable as a source of inspiration and remain the perfect reference for all resellers. 

New international distribution partner

Our international distribution network keeps growing – much to the benefit of our customers, as it makes our products increasingly available in non-EU countries.

Akustikstoff.com distribution partner Cinert
Cinemart in Natanya, Israel, is a boutique company specializing in the planning, supervision, sale, and installation of audio-video systems, home theatre rooms, control and monitoring, smart electricity, and computer communication networks. Cinemart is a member of Cedia and leads the global scene of tailor-made private screening rooms and advanced audio-video calibration methods.
With our products also attracting increasing interest in Israel, our new Israeli distribution partner Cinemart is now making them easily and conveniently available to all customers in Israel.

Acoustic Cloth 2.0 Goes High-tech: Protection of Phased Arrays for Air-coupled Ultrasonic Applications

The number of complex ultrasonic applications is increasing. The range extends from distance measurement and the identification of obstacles to non-destructive material testing with phased arrays for air-coupled ultrasound. So-called 3D-printed waveguides are currently being developed for such technically complex applications. So far, adequate protection of the equipment against water and dust has been a problem, however, as many practical applications require the equipment to function even under extremely demanding environmental conditions

The Technical University of Darmstadt in Germany has now addressed this problem in a research project and carried out tests with our liquid and dirt-repellent Acoustic Cloth 2.0, among other things. The results presented by Professor Mario Kupnik’s research team in September 2020 during the 2020 IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium (IUS) in Las Vegas* demonstrate the high suitability of acoustic material 2.0 for protecting waveguides. “We (…) demonstrate that the protection via hydrophobic fabric works excellent, i.e. without any significant drawbacks. Beam steering stays fully functional and the reduction of sound pressure level is only in the order of 1.5 dB. However, now the array can be used in real world applications,” the researchers conclude.  

phased arrays for air-coupled ultrasonic applications using Akustikstoff.com's 2.0 fabric as a protection layer
Acoustic Cloth 2.0 as a protection layer for air-coupled waveguide ultrasonic phased arrays

Further details on the TU Darmstadt website

* M. Rutsch, G. Allevato, J. Hinrichs and M. Kupnik, “Protection layer for air-coupled waveguide ultrasonic phased arrays,” 2020 IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium (IUS), Las Vegas, NV, USA, 2020, pp. 1-4, doi: 10.1109/IUS46767.2020.9251728.

Goodbye UK :(

Unfortunately, a hard Brexit becomes more and more likely. This means, among other things, that trade between EU countries and the UK will most likely be subject to WTO terms from 1 January 2021.

As sorry as we are for our many British friends, we’ll only be able to supply business customers in the UK in this case, because exports under WTO terms involve a considerable amount of extra work and additional costs, for example for customs declarations. On top of this, there are additional cost risks in cases when a shipment can’t be delivered or is not collected from the customs. That’s why we generally don’t serve private customers outside the EU.

However, we are still intensively looking for a distribution partner in the UK to supply both private and business customers. After all, even British business customers will no longer be able to order directly in our online shop after a hard Brexit. As is the case with all other countries outside the EU, we’ll only only be able to offer and deliver EXW PIA to all UK business customers. Further information on these conditions is available in the FAQ in our online shop: https://www.akustikstoff.com/FAQ:_:1010.html?language=en

By the way, we already had to deactivate our product listings on amazon.co.uk . In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, Amazon currently grants customers very long return periods. This means that in the very likely event of a hard Brexit we’d run into additional hassle with HM Revenue and Customs . We’ve decided that we neither can nor want to bear this risk.

A Living Room for Perfect Listening Pleasure

It doesn’t happen too often that people decide to optimize the acoustics of their living room. But true audiophiles are of a special breed. Marcel from Almere in the Netherlands is one of them.

Marcel and his wife designed the room interior and commissioned Mutrox, a renowned Dutch acoustics specialist and studio builder, to develop and deliver the required acoustically active elements.

The main goal was to acoustically optimise the room while retaining the look and feel like a living room. The second and more demanding aim was to provide the opportunity to adjust the reverberation of the room, in this way giving the residents the opportunity to fine-tune the room acoustics at their discretion whenever they like.

Marcel and his wife finally opted for the use of false walls, acoustic curtains, and an acoustically active suspended ceiling. While the suspended ceiling is fixed due to the limited height of the room, the side walls and the front wall are made of various movable boxes that contain acoustically active elements such as absorbers and panel resonators.

Absorbers behind acoustic cloth from Akustikstoff.com

These boxes, as well as the suspended ceiling, are covered with acoustic cloth from Akustikstoff.com

suspended ceiling with absorber covered with acoustic cloth from Akustikstoff.com

Individual wall sections were also clad with strategically placed strips of wood, which meet the aesthetic criteria of the residents and also work as diffusors. »They render more ambience to the room. We find wood a great product to work with, it has character and it benefits the sound«, explains Marcel.

Acoustic cloth from Akustikstoff.com and wooden diffusors in living room

With a base reverberation of 0.41 seconds and a rather natural decay as well as with an almost linear frequency response with a slight dip around 55 Hz and a peak around 130Hz, the optimised living room boasts next to neutral audio reproduction with great balance, focus, and range of audibility. It perfectly suits the requirements for high-quality audio reproduction.

Acoustic cloth from Akustikstoff.com on living room walls

»It was a lot of work and we did it all ourselves. After all, the effort paid off: The room looks cosy and it’s nice to be in there«, says Marcel. »We are satisfied with the fabric. It was great to work with, has a fine-meshed structure, and, as you can see in the pictures, it looks fantastic when installed. I highly recommend it.«

living room with acoustic cloth from Akustikstoff.com

Want some extra income?

Version française ci-dessous

Others are in crisis mode, we keep expanding. That’s why we’re currently seeking partners in various countries to ship our sample sets, particularly in the UK, France, Spain, Italy and other EU countries other than DACH.

The activity offers an additional income without much effort and without any initial investment. You won’t get rich, but it’s nice little money on the side.

If you’re interested, the activity may, in the longer term, even lead to the establishment of your own business for the distribution of high-quality acoustically transparent fabrics in the long term. 

This is an ideal opportunity for self-employed persons or enterprises that are already active in their home country in related areas such as acoustics, hi-fi, high-quality studio equipment, home cinema construction, or trade fair construction and already run an online shop and possibly also serve other sales channels.

However, the offer may also be suitable for self-employed individuals in the entertainment industry who have been hit by the current crisis and would like to establish a more stable economic foothold for the future.

We are a small, serious family business and place great value on cooperation, trust, mutual support, and long-term partnership for the benefit of all parties involved. These values should also be the focus for our partners.

If you are interested, please introduce yourself in an email to ukshop@akustikstoff.com (in English, please). We will discuss everything further in a personal conversation.

We‘re looking forward to interesting contacts.

Vous voulez un revenu supplémentaire ?

D’autres sont en mode de crise, nous continuons à nous développer. C’est pourquoi nous recherchons actuellement des partenaires dans différents pays pour expédier nos jeux d’échantillons, notamment au Royaume-Uni, en France, en Espagne, en Italie et dans d’autres pays de l’UE autres que la région DACH.

L’activité offre un revenu supplémentaire sans grand effort et sans investissement initial. Vous ne deviendrez pas riche, mais c’est un peu d’argent à côté.

Si vous êtes intéressé, l’activité peut même, à plus long terme, déboucher sur la création de votre propre entreprise de distribution de tissus acoustiquement transparents de haute qualité à long terme. 

C’est une opportunité idéale pour les indépendants ou les entreprises qui sont déjà actifs dans leur pays d’origine dans des domaines connexes tels que l’acoustique, la hi-fi, l’équipement de studio de haute qualité, la construction de home cinéma ou la construction de salons et qui gèrent déjà une boutique en ligne et servent éventuellement aussi d’autres canaux de vente.

Toutefois, l’offre peut également convenir aux indépendants du secteur du divertissement qui ont été touchés par la crise actuelle et qui souhaitent établir un ancrage économique plus stable pour l’avenir.

Nous sommes une petite entreprise familiale sérieuse et nous accordons une grande importance à la coopération, à la confiance, au soutien mutuel et au partenariat à long terme au profit de toutes les parties concernées. Ces valeurs devraient également être au centre des préoccupations de nos partenaires.

Si vous êtes intéressé, veuillez vous présenter dans un courriel à ukshop@akustikstoff.com (en anglais ou allemand S.V.P.).  Nous discuterons de tout cela plus en détail lors d’un entretien personnel.

Nous nous réjouissons d’avoir des contacts intéressants.

Church Organ With Acoustic Cloth From Akustikstoff.com

The field of application for our sound transparent fabrics is surprisingly broad. They also play an important role in organ building, for instance. It is quite possible that you will come across products from Akustikstoff.com when visiting a church, for example in Ahaus in northwest Germany. 

The pipe organ, whose roots reach back to antiquity, has played a central role in Christian liturgy since the Middle Ages. Elaborately designed organs are special treasures of numerous churches and impress with their enormous sound variety. Mozart once called the pipe organ the “king of instruments”. Like other instruments, however, organs need regular professional care and occasional restoration. For many parishes such a restoration project is a welcome opportunity to expand and redesign the instrument in order to broaden its musical range and move it closer to modern sound ideals. 

One example is the widely known Church of St. Mary’s Assumption in Ahaus: The local Catholic parish commissioned the old-established organ builder Orgelbau Fleitner from nearby Münster with extensive restoration and extension work. The task was to clean the old parts of the church organ, reassemble them, and make reasonable additions. 

Church organ in St. Mary's Assumption in Ahaus, Germany, with grey sound-transparent fabric from Akustikstoff.com.

A particular challenge for organ builder and voicer Eberhard Hilse, one of the owners of Orgelbau Fleitner, was to harmoniously adapt the appearance of the instrument to the church interior, which dates from the mid-1960s. Hilse chose our acoustic fabric to implement a visually appealing design without compromising its sound and acoustics. 

Completed in February 2018, the three-manual instrument is 9.35 meters high and boasts the impressive total of 2,520 pipes: The swell at the top has 772 pipes, the grand organ in the middle has 840 pipes, the positive behind the console 728 pipes. In addition, there is the pedal with over 180 pipes. The largest pipes belong to the principal 16′, which can be seen at the front of the organ and is assigned to the pedal. The largest of these pipes in the front left with a total length of 664 cm has a diameter of 250 mm and weighs about 105 kg.

Church organ in St. Mary's Assumption in Ahaus, Germany with sound-transparent fabric from Akustikstoff.com

Tape Magic

How to use our self-adhesive hook fastener tape

A couple of days ago we received an email from Casper, a customer from Denmark: »Shouldn’t the fixing tape I received consist of two parts – one for the fabric and one for the cabinet?« To get straight to the point, his assumption was wrong. But Casper was completely happy with the product after we’d emailed him a few explanatory lines and a link to our video tutorial. So, what’s the secret of our fastening tape?

Just like Casper, most people are under the false impression that hook fastener tapes always consist of two components, a strip with tiny hooks and another one with soft loops. This is true indeed for the classic »velcro« as we know it from numerous everyday applications, which is called a »hook and loop fastener« (there’s even a lengthy article on Wikipedia for those who are interested). In our case, however, you won’t find a single hook under the magnifying glass. Have a look at the closeup photo and you’ll find that the upper side of the fixation tape is covered with small stalks that have a mushroom-like top.

Akustikstoff Pilzband Nahaufnahme

To mount the speaker cloth, simply press the fabric onto the tape. Best protect your fingers with a robust glove or use something like a wallpaper roller, as the little heads are quite hard and edgy. They will penetrate the mesh and keep the speaker fabric in place tightly. Our video tutorial on Youtube provides you with more detail.

Mounting speaker cloth

The great advantage of this mounting method is that the speaker cloth can be detached again if you ever feel like giving it a wash or replacing it with a new piece of Acoustic Cloth in another colour.

»Color of the Year 2020« An Ageless Classic Blue

Trust, hope, peace, and tranquility are properties that are traditionally associated with the colour blue. No great surprise, then, that the Pantone® Color Institute has made a very classic, neutral blue the “Colour of the Year 2020”. After all, our life feels considerably more turbulent than a decade ago: Megatrends such as digitisation, along with political and social upheaval around the world, are contributing to a general longing for harmony and security. 

The calm, appealing, and confidence-inspiring deep blue colour of the year 2020 “lends itself to relaxed interaction. Associated with the return of another day, this universal favorite is comfortably embraced” says Pantone, explaining the choice of the colour that is expected to shape fashion and beauty as well as interior design and the design of electrical and electronic devices worldwide for the next twelve months. At Akustikstoff.com the colour of the year is available as “Navy Blue”.

When it comes to loudspeakers, “Navy Blue” spontaneously brings to mind JBL’s classic 43xx and 44xx studio monitors. These treasured vintage speakers still have a firm place in many studios and we have recently supplied the speaker fabric for countless refurbishment projects all over the world – evidence to suggest that blue speaker fronts will see a renaissance in loudspeaker manufacturing in 2020. 

Navy Blue, a particularly calm, balancing, and attractive hue, is a good choice for interior design purposes as well: It can be combined with black and white as well as with silver, gold, and numerous organic brown hues. 

Acoustic Cloth in Navy Blue is available as Standard speaker cloth (colour code 38), as water-repellent and stain-resistant Acoustic Cloth 2.0 (colour code 138), and as non-flammable Acoustic Cloth FR (colour code 238), which is particularly suitable for projects in public spaces.

Akustikstoff.com now also in French

Interest in our sound-transparent fabrics is growing steadily – not least in France. Several renowned manufacturers of high-quality loudspeakers, such as FrenchFlair Audio, have decided to rely on our speaker fabrics. The same gos for AV-Furniture manufacturers, trade fair builders, interior decorators, architecture firms, and numerous private customers.

To further improve our services for our French-speaking customers, the content of our online shop www.akustikstoff.com is now also available in French.

And now in French:

Akustikstoff.com maintenant aussi en français

L’intérêt pour nos tissus acoustiques ne cesse de croître, notamment en France. Plusieurs fabricants renommés de haut-parleurs de haute qualité, tels que FrenchFlair Audio, ont décidé de faire confiance à nos tissus pour enceintes. Notre tissu acoustique a également rencontré un grand intérêt de la part des fabricants de meubles audiovisuels, des constructeurs de stands d’exposition, des architectes d’intérieur, des bureaux d’architecture et de nombreux particuliers.

Afin d’améliorer encore nos services pour nos clients francophones, le contenu de notre boutique en ligne www.akustikstoff.com est désormais également disponible en français.

Spray Adhesive as a Problem Solver

Many hifi enthusiasts have developed a great passion for the DIY refurbishment of vintage speaker cabinets. An update of the speaker grille with new Acoustic Cloth is one of the key elements in most of these projects, but it’s not always the easiest task. 

The JBL* LX55, for instance, a popular speaker among experts that is sold at increasingly high prices today, has a plastic frame with a relatively small edge to which the original speaker cloth is attached to. Moreover, the slot between the frame and the cabinet is extremely narrow. This construction makes it impossible to staple the speaker fabric to the frame (the method of choice with wooden frames) or to use of hook fastener tape instead. 

This is where our special spray adhesive comes into play. The adjustable nozzle of the container ensures convenient and economical application of the adhesive without any scattered spray mist and the high immediate adhesion of the adhesive provides for the easy and precise mounting of our sound-transparent fabric on such frames. It’s the perfect solution whenever you want to make speakers with plastic frames look like new.


»Your adhesive is really good for mounting fabrics. Very easy to use, no spill, and good adhesion. I used it for my JBL LX55 speakers with your grey cloth (colour code 14). I also refurbished a pair of Bose* 601 series 1 speakers with your beige fabric this year and I am perfectly happy with the result«, wrote Emmanuel D. from Digoin in France as he proudly sent us some photos of his speaker refurbishment projects. 

JBL-LX-55-and-Bose-601-refurbished -with-Akustikstoff-speaker-fabric

*All brand names are registered trademarks of their respective owners and are not in any way associated with Akustikstoff.com. 

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