It’s a questionable honour for us to find that some Cornish company has recently decided to offer speaker grille cloth “by” on Amazon in the UK.

Questionable indeed, as it’s not our speaker fabrics that are offered there for such amazingly low prices – even though the product descriptions, photos, item numbers, and the brand name give the impression.

In a nutshell, this is a classic case of product piracy, so don’t get fooled by the discount price! You’ll most probably receive some product of inferior quality.

If you want to make sure to buy our original high-quality speaker cloth and the quality you expect at the most reasonable price,  simply visit our online shop, or at least, make sure to choose as seller on the European Amazon Marketplaces.

The supplier in question from Launceston, UK is in no way entitled to use our brand name, product descriptions, photos, etc. or sell our fabrics, and we never had any business relationships with this company.