It is unbelievable what can happen in times of modern communication and perfect shipping logistics…

On January 28, 2011, a customer from the UK ordered 2 pieces of acoustic cloth in ruby-red. Since he payed via credit card at once, the order was sent over the Channel the very same day by means of a registered letter with the Deutsche Post (German Mail). On March 22, the customer reclaimed the whereabouts of the acoustic cloth. Wow! What patient customer !

Of course, the replacement was sent out the next day – this time with DPD – you don’t try your luck here. A very happy customer informed me 5 days later, that the replacement had arrived. In the meantime, I had submitted an investigation request to the Deutsche Post, which hasn’t been answered until today! Interestingly enough, the mailman rang the doorbell on June 18 to bring back the missing delivery – unbelievable, after four months! Note from the Royal Mail:“We are unable to deliver this item because not called for“. The customer didn’t have any information in his mailbox, though. What a perfect match the Deutsche Post and Royal Mail are! Not only do they qualify for the slowest snail-mail-service but also for very poor customer service!

Sorry Mark, wasn’t my fault! – Rüdiger