Last Friday, storm „Egon“ swept across Germany with hurricane-force winds and snow. The storm covered  large parts of Germany with snow, led to numerous flight cancellations, caused power outages – and ruined the telephone line post 500 metres from our  office. In the meantime, Deutsche Telekom started working on restoring the line, but up to now it’s still faulty.

Anyway, don’t worry! is still available on the phone. We’ve re-routed our phones for customers from Germany, and international customers can get in touch by dialling +49 [removed. See this article for relevant communication data]. Also, there are no disruptions at all in the shipping process. You can order our acoustic cloth as usual in our online shop and you’ll receive your order without any delay.

In the mood for a bit of sensationalism? See The Local’s article about Eerie Egon here.